LNA/CLNA Support


Program Data Review opens 11/12 - Due by January 15, 2022

Local Needs Assessment - Opens when Program Data Review is Completed - Due March 31, 2022* (revised date due to ISBE delay in opening the system

Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Completed by EIEFES - Due April 30, 2022

Important Tips:

Detailed Resources for PDR:

For PDR completion you may use some of the specific examples and resources found below.

Additional Resources:

The ISBE Sample PDR form with what the PDR looks like in the system is here and linked in the detailed guide.

The ISBE Sample PDR Professional Learning form is completed once in the IWAS system is here and linked in the detailed guide. Regional PD offerings are marked on the sample form here and linked in the detailed guide.

Additional Examples of Evidence for Size, Scope, and Quality can be found HERE.  This is a document used for EFE Monitoring and as an extension of your district, applies to us both.  Files can be placed in a google folder and the link can be pasted into the evidence boxes as well as links to your district website or other data platforms.  Some examples include agendas, syllabus, advisory board minutes, school report card data, etc.

PDR Terms and Definitions Form

Regional Workforce Data has been provided by LWIA 23 - 2020 Labor Market Information Report and soon new information will be posted on the IL WorkNet Site, https://www.illinoisworknet.com/WIOA/RegPlanning.

Lake Land College Trend Analysis Report - click here

Detailed Resources for LNA:

Local Needs Assessment- This step reviews student data, PDR data, economic data, and stakeholder input which allows for your district's reflection and plans for improvement in CTE Programs. 

PAPER REPORT: Here are the questions asked in the Spring 2022 Local Needs Assessment.   Use this to guide the information your district needs to collect.  Click here   

SYSTEM HELP DOCUMENT: The step-by-step Support Document is here. (Remember schools will complete the LNA and EIEFES completes the CLNA)


LWIA 23 Region 7 - Labor Market Information Reports from FY2020  are found HERE. All schools are in Region 7 except for Douglas County schools who are in Region 2.  New labor market data will be posted on IL WorkNet, https://www.illinoisworknet.com/WIOA/RegPlanning

ISBE Power BI: new data tool that provides student data regionally, by district, and by high school.  Our EFE performance data is tied to these reports and we must write our grants to support the improvement of any data elements not meeting goals.  You can look at the data tool HERE.

Lake Land College's Institutional Research site has a variety of data elements regarding postsecondary education and the workforce. Dr. Bullock's Data for Decision Maker's report found here and LLC's new 21-22 Trend Analysis Report 

Feel free to use our survey documents for regional feedback collection or use your own surveys or meetings for data needed to complete the LNA:

Student Survey: The CTE Student Survey was sent to the high schools in January  - The data collected from your school's survey is posted  HERE.  The file contains raw data for your district.  You may want to see the survey that was sent to students along with the response data.  A copy of the survey is in the first file listed in the link or HERE.

Business Partner Survey Example: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LSN7LH5  *(Share with local businesses, Co-op partners, etc)  Our office will send out a business partner survey that can be used at your school.

Parent Survey Example: https://forms.gle/PEYjEip7MKAGW6wC9

*Schools can email Laura to get a copy of the results of the regional surveys if used*

Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment:  Completed by EIEFES.  Our office will see all local data submitted by districts in IWAS once all schools have completed their portion.  Our office will complete the CLNA as the first step to writing our state and federal grants.

All information provided by ISBE to assist with this process can be found on their website: https://www.isbe.net/Pages/Career-Technical-Education.aspx#  Click on PDR Documents under the News and Updates.

This is still a new process for us too.  Please be patient as we learn what is needed by ISBE to perfect our grants through this process.  Feel free to contact our office with any questions or support!

Additional Information about the PDR and LNA 

Why are we doing all of this?  Links to the Perkins V information page

Stakeholder Data Results from 2020  - no responses collected 2022

Here are the current responses from the Stakeholder survey in a pdf format.  As of 2/18/2020, there are 20 respondents.

Stakeholder Survey

The 2022 Stakeholder Survey was sent to our Regional Program Boards, Chambers of Commerce, and posted on social media.  We did not collect any responses.

Stakeholder Survey 2022

ACTE Resources to Promote CTE

The Learning that Works Resource Center on the Association for Career and Technical Education website had a lot of resources to help schools and teachers with gathering information and supporting CTE in your schools.  Check out this site here: https://careertech.org/resources/about-resource-center