Become a CTE Educator

Educator Licensure with Stipulations has changed!

ELS Licensed teachers can now add additional endorsements with 1,000 hours of work experience including teaching hours. 

Visit the Career and Technical Educator page for additional information

·         ISBE CTE Licensing and Endorsements Guidance (Updated 8.5.21)

·         ISBE CTE Licensing and Endorsement Presentation Slides

·         ISBE CTE Licensing and Endorsement Recorded Webinar

Our office has created a How-To Guide to help individuals who do not have a teaching license to apply for one based on their paid work experience in business and industry.  This document lists the steps you can take to complete the application and choose which programs to apply to teach in.  View the How-To Document here.

NEW: Check out the new Program by EIU to help individuals with a Bachelor's Degree to obtain teacher certification in their degree area.  Click here.

The Regional Office of Education is our local leader in helping individuals with becoming teachers.  They help with paperwork, professional development, testing and so much more.  Feel free to check out their website or visit thier office. 

Our office can help individuals who have career experience to obtain teacher licensure to work with students in our schools.  Please call Laura Sullivan at the EIEFES Office to get more information on this paperwork process or view the help document above.