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Larry D. Lilly, Ed.S

College & Career Pathway Endorsement Coordinator


About Us:

The Eastern Illinois Education for Employment System is a consortium of 25 school districts collaborating to update and upgrade Career and Technical Education programs.  In addition, the System provides guidance and resources for career awareness and development activities, K-12.  The System is governed by a Board of Control comprised of the 25 superintendents from the participating school districts.  Career and Technical education programs were developed with representatives from business and industry.  The representatives continue to work with teachers from the region to analyze job related tasks and determine what skills need to be taught to prepare students for entry level employment.  The System's programs are articulated with Lake Land College and specific agreements for advanced placement and dual credit at the community college are continually being developed.

Our service area includes school districts located in East Central Illinois in the counties of Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Moultrie and Shelby.  The high schools range in size from 70 to 1,000 students.

Our Office provides many services to educators and students throughout our region.  To learn more about our office and our services, please click this LINK.


Mission Statement:

The Eastern Illinois Education for Employment System will offer an activity-based educational program which provides a common core of cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills appropriate for all youth and a more specialized set of transferable skills appropriate for some youth who will enter a career soon after high school graduation.  Programs will be organized in such a way that students can obtain general technological competencies which span the occupational spectra and are important for youth with different interests and abilities (college and non-college bound). At the more advanced grade levels, the career and technical education program will offer an organized set of transferable concepts and skills such that students have alternatives for direct entry into the workplace or furthering their education in preparation for a career.  The program will emphasize the application of the humanities and technological studies in a manner such that students understand how learning relates to applications in real-world settings.

Board of Control

The Board of Control membership is comprised of each member district Superintendent and Chaired by our Administrative Agent,  the ROE11 Regional Superintendent.  Board meetings are typically held in August, September, January, February, and May or June.

FY2021 Joint Agreement Budget (Final) -Public Hearing on the budget was held Monday, September 28 at 9am at the ROE 11 Office in Charleston.

Public Hearing Notice for Comments on the FY21 Joint Agreement Budget (posted 8/28/20)

FY2023 Joint Agreement Budget - approved on Thursday, September 22, 2022

FY 2024 Joint Agreement Budget - approved on Thursday, September 21, 2023

Revised Intergovernmental Agreement June 30, 2023   and Resolutions to Adopt IGA from our Districts

Grant Application FY21-24

The office has submitted a first draft of our Consolidated Grant Application which was approved by our Board at the September 28, 2020 meeting.  The Grant was written based on input from the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment and feedback from our schools.

Consolidated Grant Application

Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction

Our Plan to Return to School for In-Person Instruction can be found HERE

Use of ARP - ESSER 3 Funds

Total Budget for our office is $10,104.  Stakeholders were consulted and offered input on February 24, 2022.  The current plan includes $3184 in teacher retention stipends/benefits used to offset the additional time teachers have spent in FY2022 to digitize lessons, sanitize tables between classes and sanitize classroom materials shared by students and retention stipends/benefits for office staff who assist teachers and provide professional development $713.  The plan also includes $1200 for professional development in use of classroom technology and student supports as well as $2876 for teacher salary/benefits needed for tutoring and make-up clinical due to lost time for student covid illness.  The plan also includes $1327 in classroom supplies and materials for student use as well as $805 for cleaning materials used in the classroom.

Funds Use Plan is being updated in May 2023 after input from stakeholders indicates the need for changes as follows:   Currently, any remaining funds not spent or obligated will be allocated to classroom curriculum supplies and classroom equipment.  With the increased need for hands-on learning and the need to practice more in the classroom to meet the social, mental health, and academic needs of students we choose to spend the rest of the funds to support students, especially those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  More specifically funds will be used to purchase a blood pressure simulation kit and provide classroom supplies such as stethoscopes and gait belts for student use.

Statewide CTE Evaluation Results

In Spring of 2021, ISBE hired Measurement Inc to conduct a statewide evaluation of CTE.  They looked at many different facets of CTE and surveyed thousands of students, educators, administrators and stakeholders and shared the results Fall 2022.

Full Report is HERE

The Conclusions and Reccomendations are HERE