Regional Programs

Regional Programs are those classes which are ran/administered by the EIEFES office.  We hire and train the teachers and oversee class functions.  All students in or around our region can participate in these classes by contacting their local high school guidance counselor or principal.

What is Health Occupations?

The health occupations program is a health science technology program designed primarily for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in a health care field.  The class meets for 2 hours a day in a medical setting.  The curriculum includes the study of health care careers, basic anatomy and physiology and hands-on clinical experiences with facility patients.  We follow Basic Nurse Assistant training Program guidelines as set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  This course is a dual credit course with Lake Land College. AHE 040 Basic Nurse Assistant, 8 credits and AHE 051 Health Careers, 3 credits.  Students who demonstrate knowledge of the content taught will have the opportunity to sit for the State Competency Exam (CNA test).

Class sites include: Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon, St. Anthony Memorial Hospital in Effingham, Paris Community Hospital in Paris, Shelbyville Manor Nursing Home in Shelbyville, and Casey-Westfield High School in Casey.

HOCC Brochure  (in progress)

For Counselors:  If you would like to know more about our program please take a look at the Orientation Book that is given out to students when we meet with them in April.  Please do not make copies and give them to the students - they are required to attend a session.  To request a copy, please email Laura Sullivan,

Tips for selecting the right student:

1. Trustworthy - would you trust them with the care of your parent/grandparent?

2. No more than 10 absences in the current year - for any reason.

3. Seniors are preferred in the program.  (Mature Juniors accepted)

4. Must be interested in obtaining a career or more education in health care.  Please don't send students who are going into the military, want to work in sales or manufacturing.  These students are not passionate about what they are learning and who they are working with and will often not do well in the class.


What is AG Career Exploration?

In Ag Careers Exploration, students will experience hands on learning and real life work when students spend time in Agricultural business, learning that specific industry, skills needed for the job, and have the opportunity to work one-on-one with skilled professionals in the field.  The curriculum includes study of Ag industries, safety, finance, employment skills and more.  This course is a dual credit class with Lake Land College.


Farm Progress Show 2012 
The Farm Progress Show is the nation’s leading outdoor farm show and features the most extensive state-of-the art information and technology available for today’s agricultural producers. This major agriculture event gives visitors the opportunity to see the latest equipment, seed, crop chemicals, field demonstrations, livestock handling and equine events, Ride ‘n Drive, rural life programs and entertainment, arts and crafts, and more. Farmers from across North America and around the world visit the Farm Progress Show to see agriculture’s latest product introductions, meet face-to-face with agribusiness professionals and gain hands-on knowledge.

The students had an opportunity to see and talk with many different companies in the ag business field.  Some highlights included seeing 2 motorcycles that where built for Beck Hybrids by Paul Senior from the Orange County Chopper Show on TV.    The bike with the combine head was awesome the handlebars looked like ears of corn.  The bikes are going to be on their TV Show this fall.  We also saw a motorcycle built by Paul Junior for DeKalb.   Everyone enjoyed seeing there favorite tractor companies and gathering the many give a ways that the companies had from yard sticks to flash lights.  Several students commented that they did not realize just how many seed companies there were.  They picked up many brochures with new technology to share in class from a folding 22’ corn head to water management systems to the many options on grain storage facilities.  It was a wonderful opportunity to get an up close at agriculture's leading edge of technology. 

Farm Progress 2012



Entrepreneurship "the CEO Class" ~ Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This new, exciting program is administered by a Board of professionals and educators in Effingham County.  As guidance counselors in Effingham, Dieterich, Beecher City, Altamont, and St. Anthony register students each Fall, be sure to mention this exciting course.  Call the EIEFES office with any questions.

Check out the class website for current events and more information:

Coles County Entrepreneurship - Class E

Coles County Class E is looking for students!  Sign up your Coles County students for this area Entrepreneurship class by contacting our office or your school's Guidance Counselor.

Check out the class website for current events and for more information:


Points to remember:

  • All HOCC students are required to attend an orientation session prior to enrolling in the class.

  • Schools should send anticipated enrollment numbers to the EIEFES Office by March 30.

  • Seating confirmations will be mailed by May 5th and due back by May 15th. Schools should also submit student rosters at this time.

  • Final confirmation/billing statements will be sent mid June.

  • Charge date for course enrollments is August 1.

  • Invoices will be mailed no later than October 31.


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