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Have you ever wondered about Human Behavior, I know I do!  For instance, have you noticed that some people are very punctual, yet others are always running late regardless of their efforts?  What makes them so different?  Knowing our True Colors and the True Colors of others, helps us recognize differences and similarities in communication styles, behaviors and preferences.  This information helps us to solve conflicts, increase respect and bring out the best in everyone.  Contact us to discover your True Colors!     

The EIEFES office has trained staff who offer True Colors Trainings to schools, organizations and businesses in our region.  This training is an easy, entertaining way to identify your character spectrum to better understand yourself and others.  It is an invaluable tool for enjoying success in your personal and professional life.

There may be a small fee for materials.  For more information contact Sally Shawver ,




Teacher Treks           

Each summer our office organizes professional development opportunities for area teachers in a wide variety of subject areas.  Teacher Treks are held during the summer and are organized to meet the needs of K-16 teachers in all subject areas of our region.  Past treks include tours of hotels, restaurants, a corn mill, county health department, retail stores and many others.


Please contact Sally Shawver at 217/258-6283 or with any questions or concerns.  New Treks are posted each Spring.


CTE Teacher Meetings 

Our office hosts various CTE teacher meetings during the year.  If you have a topic or location that you would like to share with other teachers in our region, please let us know! 


Miscellaneous Professional Development Opportunities

Each year our office receives information from local schools, business and organizations regarding summer professional development opportunities for teachers in all subject areas.  Our office keeps the information on file.  Please give us a call if you would like to look through the materials of if you are looking for something in particular.  Listed below are a few opportunities that we have received electronically and may be of interest to teachers.

 ROE 11 Sponsored Workshops (this link will take you to the ROE website)

Curriculum Revitalization Project -  This group works with CTE teachers throughout the state with curriculum, tools, technology and many other things.  They meet with all CTE instructional areas each year in a variety of statewide meetings.  Be sure to check out the curriculum, MyCAERT - Free for Illinois teachers!




CO-OP classes in Illinois for CTE teachers who will be teaching cooperative education classes at their High School.

    Here is a website with a listing of Universities offering Cooperative Education Courses. These two classes are mandatory for CTE teachers who will be teaching a co-op course at their school.  Please contact our office to let us know of your intent to take the classes and verify that the courses have been completed.  Courses are offered throughout the state, on-campus and online.

Check with these local Universities:

Illinois State Universityon-line and run for 3 weeks each, June 5-23 and June 26-July 14, 2017,

Eastern IL University: online Summer 2017 Summer 2017--CTE 4913, Organization and Administration of Cooperative Education and CTE 4923--Coordinating Techniques for Cooperative Education, Karen Drage,

Chicago State University: online and will be held for 5 weeks each, Patrice C. Boyles, Ed.D., 773-995-2271